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Fortnite – 3.1.0 update with new weapons, locations, and tasks

Epic Games isn’t slowing down and in this week they decided to release yet another update for their shooter – Fortnite. In 3.1.0 update, we can see attractions for the fans of both Battle Royale and World Saving game modes.

It’s hard to say that we can see a great development pace in case of Fortnite. Nearly one week ago the players witnessed quite huge changes in the building system in 3.0.0 patch and now, moments ago, we can see 3.1.0 patch already on the servers (unfortunately, still no sign for announced jetpacks). What new things did Epic Games prepare in Battle Royale and Save the World game modes? Details below.

Battle Royale – Hunting Rifle, new location, and “epic balance”

Free Battle Royale can boast with quite significant changes. The map has received yet another location, Lucky Landing which is located on the south coast. The city looks quite interesting and it certainly hides a lot of spoils. A huge addition is brand new hunting rifle – even though it doesn’t have a scope, it is still very accurate. The disadvantage is that ammunition may be a problem and reloading may take a while. It is because we can load one bullet at a time. It can be found in “uncommon” and “rare” variants, on the ground and in boxes.

The frequency of occurrence of uncommon and rare weapons have been increased from: series fire mode rifles (60 and 150% respectively), revolvers (33% and 75%), and tactical shotguns (also 33% and 75%). It means that players will have better chances on finding rare versions of these weapons. The probability of finding the gear in the world hasn’t changed. In addition, the balance of spoils on Snobbish Shore or terrains on the north-east out of Flush Factory and near Tilted Towers. We will find there a bit less loot than before. Except for that, there was a whole lot of bugs that were fixed. Bugs that concerned gameplay, interface, and audio layer were taken care of.

Saving the World – Dragonfire, Brave Beginnings, and Impulse Grenade

Let’s have a look at the novelties from the battlefield with zombies. The fans of PvE will certainly be happy with brand new automatic shotgun Dragonfire (available in the shop) that is very impressive. It can ignite enemies in the shape of cone. What’s more, we can still be part of Spring it On event. This time it shows us the storyline of Brave Beginnings, where we help Val in her journey from the survivor to fully-fledged defender. The players will also receive new party missions adjusted for 4-man teams.

Impulse Grenade is a small addition to the gadget. Thanks to that we can throw our enemies around or… give our friend a help and blast him away. When it comes to balance changes, one can notice improvements in the damage of Dragon’s Roar. It was increased by 20%. What’s more, its modifier was changed. From now on its critical damages against afflicted targets is 45%/67.5%/90%.