Free the V-Bucks

Your source for earning V-Bucks


• Collect everything you can. When you find a better weapon, just swap it in the right moment.

• Avoid the storm at all cost (staying outside the map). Initial damage is pretty low, but it will increase with time.

• Battle Royale is not a Battlefield or Call of Duty. Your mission is to survive, not to kill as many enemies as you can. Avoid contact with others if you can’t get advantage over them.

• During exploration, it is important to gather resources. Wood, clay, and metal will be useful while creating stairs or whole fortifications, giving an advantage over other players.

• Bandages and first aid kits are indispensable elements of gameplay and a way to survive combats with other players. Try to keep more of them, and there won’t be a surprising situation for you.

• You don’t need more than several types of weapons because the amount of space for gear is limited. You can have 5 items at one moment, so find a way to keep weapons and medications – sniper rifle, assault rifle, shotgun, grenade launcher, RPG.

• Before you drop out of BattleBus, determine the landing place and jump out in the right moment (when the vehicle will be close to the location). You should do that because the vehicle travels much faster than our character. The exception is; however, a situation, where the vehicle is near the center of the location, where you want to go. In that case, leave the Bus earlier, so you can get there before players, who jumped out of the vehicle located right next to the spot.

• Using a glider (or a parachute) before it is recommended has got its pros and cons. The advantage is the possibility to get to any nook of the map. The disadvantage is the fact that you are going to land on the map as one of the last players. This tactic is used only if you want to access remote areas.

• While gathering items, either from the boxes or from defeated enemies, choose a pickaxe as your weapon. Because of that you don’t have to change currently carried weapon on the ones lying on the ground. You should use this tactic to quickly collect items.


V-Bucks is a currency in Fortnite Battle Royal. Thanks to that you can purchase cosmetics available in the shop. They change the appearance of your character, weapons, or a pickaxe. The problem is that all items are very expensive, just like the price of V-Bucks. Luckily for you, some time ago the authors introduced a way to earn V-Bucks while playing.


Second season brought some changes in Battle Royale. From this moment players can fight for specially prepared rewards. Among them, there are skins, emotes, banners, and even virtual currency V-Bucks. The Battle Pass itself is divided onto two groups. The first one was developed for the players, who use solely free to play model (so everyone, who plays for free). The second group can purchase the so-called Battle Pass Premium, which is an advanced version of F2P pass. It includes much more rewards than the regular version, and additionally you will receive much more Vbucks with a certain amount of experience points.


The so-called free Battle Pass includes a half of experience levels of the premium ones, and the prizes are rewarded every three levels. For levels 14 and 29, the player receives rewards in the form of 100 VBucks (200 coins in total). Besides emotes (including pony dance), you will also receive a glider at level 35, which is the latest reward for free Battle Pass. Obviously, you can upgrade your Battle Pass to premium version, keeping all the previous prizes and get the chance to win another ones.


You can always decide to purchase the so-called Battle Pass Premium. You will receive more than 70 rewards to collect up to level 70 for 950 V-Bucks. Purchasing Battle Pass Premium itself is rewarded with Black Squire Outfit skin, items that will increase your season experience points, as well as special daily events. There are a lot of rewards you can claim for gaining new levels. One of the most important ones are skins (The Blue Squire, Royal Knight, Disco Specialist, Black Knight), Easter eggs, and of course V-bucks (1000 coins in total).


In order to gain V-Bucks, you need to have full version of the game. You can purchase it from the official page for $37. Similar price is in PlayStation Store. From time to time it is possible to get discounts thanks to which the game is available for less than $25. It is the best moment to get the game.

While playing, you will get quite a lot of V-Bucks pretty quickly. Each day there are new dailies that will provide you with 50-100 coins. Additionally, the currency will be generated to your account every time you level the cards collection. In the first few days you should gain 1000-2000 V-bucks. It may not be the fastest method and it requires some investing. However, taking into account high prices of currency packs, it is worth to give it a second thought. Obviously, this method is profitable only if playing the game will bring us joy.


The PVP Battle Royale is the free version. You could choose the PVE Campaign Standard Edition for $39.99, PVE Campaign Deluxe Edition for $59.99, PVE Campaign Super Deluxe Edition for $89.99 or PVE Campaign Limited Edition for $149.99. There is a 2 Digital Standard Edition for Friends Limited Edition where you can play with 2 exclusive legendary heroes, one exclusive legendary weapon, eight heroes in a rare starter pack, four weapons and one trap in the rare starter weapon pack, an exclusive founders pistol, two exclusive defenders in game and exclusive founders chat channel. All of this worth a total value of $350 for only $149.99. The standard edition gets you six daily loot pinata packs, one exclusive founders loot and four exclusive banners to personalize the account and showcase on the profile.


The deluxe edition gets you a rare starter weapon pack providing you access to all the schematics you need. You can mow down the husks up close or from a distance. You can use a breacher, retractable floor spikes, ninja sword, scoped bullseye, crusader and exclusive founder’s pistol. The pistol has fascinating accuracy courtesy the laser light and there is a substantially sized magazine ensuring you wouldn’t run out of ammo every now and then. It is the most trustworthy sidearm you can have. The edition has a starter hero pack. Get started with eight powerful characters, thirty three piñata packs including daily loot, exclusive founders loot and immediate loot and fifty extra vault inventory slots to store event tickets, survivors and any schematics you may want to keep while going from one mission to another. You can also use the vaults to stack up the quintessential arsenal. There are ten banner icons, ten boosts for you and ten boosts for you to gift to your friends.


The super deluxe edition also has the rare starter weapon pack with schematics, breacher, retractable floor spikes, ninja sword, scoped bullseye, crusader and exclusive founder’s pistol. The starter hero pack has eight options with two from every class. In addition to the deluxe edition features you get two exclusive defenders. These can be the much needed saviors when you are in a crisis during combat. There are forty seven piñata packs including daily loot, founder’s loot and immediate loot. You get one digital standard edition of the game for a loved one, worth $39.99. There are a hundred extra vault slots. Players get fifteen banner icons with this edition and the exclusive founder’s chat channel. There are more boosts as well, twenty for you and twenty for your friend.