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V Bucks is the premium in-game currency for Fortnite Battle Royale. If you have played any such game before then you know the in-game currency can help you win battles, save your life, make everything simple or difficult depending on how much wealth you have and your entire gaming experience depends on your relative financial prosperity. Fortnite Battle Royale developers have allowed some provisions for players to earn V Bucks through the daily rewards. They can be used in Battle Royale mode. However, you cannot possibly earn all the bucks you need. You would need some more bucks than you have and generating some free V Bucks is the best strategy any player can fathom.

V-Bucks are necessary to buy all types of cosmetics, be it emotes, skins, gliders or llamas. You may be able to earn hundreds of bucks every week but you will need more, possibly thousands if you want to truly dominate the game and win every battle, have a completely satiating experience and proudly showcase your accomplishments to your friends. Fortunately, you don’t need to wait for a whole week of gaming to replenish your treasure-trove of V-Bucks. You don’t need to earn every buck. You can get free V-Bucks.

The demand for the premium in-game currency has never been steeper and it is likely to increase as the free version of the game closes its gates for new enrollment. You can use the generator to obtain free V Bucks. You don’t need to toil, you don’t need to battle and you definitely don’t need to find any other hack. Thanks to the free V Bucks generator, now you can have enough currency to spend in the Battle Royale PvP mode as well as Save the World PvE campaign mode. You can buy Battle Pass, customization items and more. There is a plethora of locked items within the game that you can unlock as you progress or you can use the bucks to gain access to the precious goodies.


Fortnite Battle Royale is back up online and it is bigger, better and more impulsive now. Battle Royale is now available in full 4K resolution if you have the Xbox One X. The upgrade patch is also available for PlayStation 4 and PC. There is a new impulsive grenade that makes things all the more interesting and unpredictable. Fortnite Battle Royale still has a few days in its Free 100 players PVP mode till the 20th of February. If you haven’t hopped onto the battle bus, explored the giant map, developed some skills and embarked on some destruction, then you should do so now. You can download the game for your Windows desktop or laptop, Mac OS, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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The PVP Battle Royale is the free version. You could choose the PVE Campaign Standard Edition for $39.99, PVE Campaign Deluxe Edition for $59.99, PVE Campaign Super Deluxe Edition for $89.99 or PVE Campaign Limited Edition for $149.99. There is a 2 Digital Standard Edition for Friends Limited Edition where you can play with 2 exclusive legendary heroes, one exclusive legendary weapon, eight heroes in a rare starter pack, four weapons and one trap in the rare starter weapon pack, an exclusive founders pistol, two exclusive defenders in game and exclusive founders chat channel. All of this worth a total value of $350 for only $149.99. The standard edition gets you six daily loot pinata packs, one exclusive founders loot and four exclusive banners to personalize the account and showcase on the profile.


The deluxe edition gets you a rare starter weapon pack providing you access to all the schematics you need. You can mow down the husks up close or from a distance. You can use a breacher, retractable floor spikes, ninja sword, scoped bullseye, crusader and exclusive founder’s pistol. The pistol has fascinating accuracy courtesy the laser light and there is a substantially sized magazine ensuring you wouldn’t run out of ammo every now and then. It is the most trustworthy sidearm you can have. The edition has a starter hero pack. Get started with eight powerful characters, thirty three piñata packs including daily loot, exclusive founders loot and immediate loot and fifty extra vault inventory slots to store event tickets, survivors and any schematics you may want to keep while going from one mission to another. You can also use the vaults to stack up the quintessential arsenal. There are ten banner icons, ten boosts for you and ten boosts for you to gift to your friends.

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The super deluxe edition also has the rare starter weapon pack with schematics, breacher, retractable floor spikes, ninja sword, scoped bullseye, crusader and exclusive founder’s pistol. The starter hero pack has eight options with two from every class. In addition to the deluxe edition features you get two exclusive defenders. These can be the much needed saviors when you are in a crisis during combat. There are forty seven piñata packs including daily loot, founder’s loot and immediate loot. You get one digital standard edition of the game for a loved one, worth $39.99. There are a hundred extra vault slots. Players get fifteen banner icons with this edition and the exclusive founder’s chat channel. There are more boosts as well, twenty for you and twenty for your friend.